Monday, August 22, 2011

Being Convicted of Sin in Our Lives is a Lot Like Getting a Deep Tissue Massage

I have a good friend who has magic fingers...I mean, she can find a knotted muscle in your neck, rub it, press it, kneed it until it hurts so good you have tears of pain and relief all at the same time.  Week before last I woke up with a terrible headache, and by the time I got to school I was just sick!  I was pretty sure it was tension, so during a break, I asked Susan if she would mind working her magic.  In just a few minutes she had found the sources of my pain and pressed and rubbed until the knots were gone.  By the time we broke for lunch my head was much the time our meetings were over for the day, my headache was gone.  I did still have some soreness from the balls of tension that she had rubbed out though.

Later, and I mean LATER, that night I was thinking of how my body can become so tense and knotted and I don't even realize that it's happening until I am in real pain.  Then it came to me...a Christian letting sin creep into her life and realizing that she no longer has that peace that passes all understanding is just like a stressed out body in need of a deep tissue massage.

Consider this-life is tough. Between going to work, taking care of laundry, cleaning, cooking, spending time with kids, giving the hubby what he needs...our bodies can get tense, our sleep becomes restless and before you know it, we are a knotted mess!  That's just how sin creeps into our lives.  As we run ourselves ragged taking care of business at home and work, we may not even realize how we have started to gossip, cuss, daydream about someone other than our spouse.  Before you even have a chance to realize what is happening, your peace in your soul is gone and you are in need of conviction and repentance.

First, recognize you have a problem-knots/sin.  Seek healing-deep tissue massage/prayer.  Let the work begin-as the massage therapist works that stress and those knots out of our body, through prayer and repentance God shows us those things that need to change in our lives.  Sometimes a deep tissue massage is painful and sometimes we hurt for days afterward just like being convicted of our sins and turning away from them can be difficult for us to accept and take time to overcome...but thankfully, those knots of sin in our lives can be rubbed out forever by the healing power of the Great Masseuse Himself, Jesus Christ!

Don't stress, give it to God.  He is the one driving anyway!

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